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When exchanging gifts with that special vegetarian in your life, it’s best to just put the present under the tree…NOT STUFF IT INSIDE A TURKEY!!! But don’t take my word for it, just ask Posh Spice-A.K.A Victioria Beckham.

This Christmas, Victoria was given a gift bag by celebrity skin care doctor, Neetu Nirdosh, M.D, with an array of products for her upcoming world tour. Oh yeah, except the actual gift bag wasn’t a bag at all, but a dead turkey. That’s right, in the spirit of the holidays, Dr. Neetu Nirdosh, decided it would be a good idea to stuff some skin care freebies into dead poultry carcasses and give them to celebrities as festive gifts. Apparently, Dr. Nirdosh didn’t do his research or he would have learned that Victoria Beckham is a passionate vegetarian and animal lover. And as someone who himself is sans dead animal, I can freely say it’s probably not the BEST idea to hide my figgy pudding inside a turkey…dead or alive.

The Daily Express quoted a “source” close to Victoria, saying, “The thought of her using these products that have been stuffed inside a turkey is just nuts. She refuses to eat meat or wear fur so Victoria is far from impressed from it.”

I have heard of a lot of messed up things in my life, but this story definitely takes the cake…or should I say the giblets. Dr. Nirdosh, maybe you misunderstood- it’s called stalking stuffer, not stalking stuffing. Listen, I can’t tell you what she wants, what she really, really wants, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that!! You dummy!

  • Marie Oser

    You don’t have to be vegan (which I am) to be shocked that an M.D would actually place ANYTHING inside a rotting carcass, where it would be seriously contaminated, is beyond belief! I’ll bet that a even carnivore would have been repulsed!

    We love ecorazzi at VEG TV! Would love to add our favorite SPICE to one of our upcoming episodes of The Enlightened Kitchen.

    Marie Oser

  • Kim

    I think it’s actually called “stocking stuffer”. “Stalking” adds a really interesting spin to it tho.

  • parrish

    Marie: I LOVE VEGTV!! I had no idea about you guys until today and I’m already a huge fan. Seriously, you guys rock! Thanks for comment!

    Kim: That’s hysterical. Honestly, I’m shit for editing and I was thinking about going and changing it, but now I kind of like it. Look at that, I was clever without even trying to be clever!

  • bs

    you know, isn’t that the ultimate environmentally sensitive packaging? i mean, it’s biodegradable and produced naturally…

  • jackscatty

    That Dr Nirdosh, Shes a leading anti-ageing doctor and has a stunning website at Go check her out……
    Seriously shes not the kind of doctor ive ever seen. Her site is…I guess you have to look good if your looking after the celebs skin.

  • parrish

    Bs- Produced naturally? Check out and decide for yourself. I guess it all depends are your definition of “natural”

    Jack- Are you kidding me here? Seriously? Are you really kidding me? While I’m sure the great doctor appreciates your plug, it’s obviously just that: a plug.

    One quality I look for in my doctor, besides general know how, is that little gem we thinking folks like to call common sense. And giving a vegetarian a dead animal full of free product is not only disrespectful…but it’s just plain dumb. Sounds to me like Dr. Nirdosh maybe isn’t the sharpest hook in the slaughter house.

  • SarLo

    yeahhhh, produced naturally? factory farming is so bad for the environment, that gift package might as well have been stuffed in a bag of ddt.

  • Katie

    What an idiot. Bacteria and the stink of a rotting carcass. Merry Christmas!

  • caroline

    I do find it funny because it is hard to believe that Beckham actually gives a toss about animals – I bet she is veg for vanity reasons.

  • Danielle

    If she really cared, she wouldn’t wear leather.

  • damien

    Victoria Beckham is not an animal lover!She has worn fur several times and wears leather on a constant basis and uses products that have been tested on animals.

    She goes to steak houses and Hungry Jacks with her kids..come on does she look like the person that gives a rats a** about animal welfare??

    She only became a vegetarian because she wanted to lose weight..not that she has any to lose!

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  • Kirsty

    I would suggest that Victoria Beckham claims to be anti fur (just like she claims she’s never had a boob job) because she is scared of being targeted and bullied by PETA. Usually she does indeed wear faux fur, however there quite a few pictures out there of her clearly wearing real fur, and whats more she looks amazing. Anybody with a real clue about fashion can tell the difference.

    David Beckham was also reported as admiring a fox fur coat for himself but decided against it for fear of the PETA backlash.

    If I were a gambler Id put money on her loving fur and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she has several real fur coats, even if these days she saves them for Davids eyes only in the bedroom.

    Its a real shame that she (or anyone else for that matter) should be made to feel bullied and pressured into hiding her love of fur.

  • smartypants

    Victoria definitely wears real fur. Just a week or so ago she appeared in a white fox trimmed garment for the launch of her fragrance. She’s worn tons of real fur in the past as well, and carries bags and wears shoes made of, not just leather, but exotic skins as well–like snake, lizard, alligator, etc. Like many celebrities, she claims to be anti-fur, etc. because it is politically correct to do so. The problem with “political correctness” is that it often forces people to behave in a manner that they do not truly believe themselves. So, instead of wearing and enjoying fur or eating meat openly, she pretends to be something she’s not. I once heard an explanation from one of her spokespeople that she never wears real fur, but rather has all of the top designs that she likes copied using fake fur. Oh yeah? And if you believe that, you deserve to be duped, which is exactly what she is trying to do.

  • hananh farthing

    i love victoria beckham

  • sandy

    i don’t speak english very much but i say i love her!!!!!!!she is very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • sandiiiii

    i love victoria beckham she is beautifullll

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  • Karl-Otto

    Who cares about what she is wearing ?Be it fur or not. The less that chick is wearing the better it is ! She is absolutely beautiful !

  • james

    you obviously havnt done your research either; firstly nirdosh is a woman, secondly, they were not stuffed inside a dead turkey, but a bag make of turkey skin similar to leather, disgusting, yes, but not unhealthy

  • Lera Larusch

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  • L

    Victoria wears leather and uses animal skin (ie snake etc) bags etc, she eats fish too. Therefore she is not even a vegetarian. She is a pescetarian.