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princecharles_080502.jpgThis week, Prince Charles put down the pint and meat pie and picked up the checkbook to help Norway stop deforestation around the world. Charles pledged to contribute $541.2 million dollars a year to Norway’s efforts and offered to send representatives to learn more about the problem.

Norway’s Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, accepted the offer and further invited any country committed to stopping deforestation to come and play ball (metaphorically speaking, of course). Anyway, I’ve been texting George Dubya all day and haven’t gotten a response yet. Typical!

Deforestation in developing countries is estimated to contribute a fifth of total global greenhouse gas emissions through the release of carbon dioxide, and Norway believes the fastest and most cost effective way to help end global warming is to halt this damaging process. Furthermore, in April, Stoltenberg set a goal to make Norway totally carbon neutral by 2050 by offsetting Norwegian greenhouse gas emissions by investing in environmental projects throughout the developing world.

Basically what I’m saying here is: Anyone wanna move to Norway with me?

  • Andrew

    I think you read the news wrong. Charles is NOT giving $541.2 million to Norway’s efforts. Norway plans to use $541.2 million dollars a year – and Charles is going add to that. I hardly think he can afford $541.2 million dollars a year!

  • parrish

    Eeek! I’ll go check that now. Thanks for the heads up Andrew.

  • Me

    This is boring