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brad-pitt.jpgI’ve just decided that from here on out, the name Brad Pitt will also be used as a verb, meaning: to do an act of kindness and/or extreme selflessness resulting in general goodwill for all of mankind. Let’s try it out. “Oh yeah I saw this homeless guy on the street the other day and I totally did a Brad Pitt and gave him my sandwich.” Or, “One might say that Mother Teresa Brad Pitted herself a spot into heaven-typical!” Hmm…maybe?

I only bring this up because HE’S DONE IT AGAIN!! The rumor on the street is that Brad Pitt (the man, not the verb) will be shooting a Dell commercial set to premier at the 2008 Super Bowl and then just handing over the dough to Bono’s Red Campaign. The Red Campaign supports The Global Fund, which helps women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Dude, you’re talented, you’re rich, the ladies love you, and now you’re a humanitarian god. Save some for the rest of us! Oh well, it looks like I’m just gonna have to Brad Pitt my way into popularity.

  • Myles

    All that, AND he’s in Fight Club.

    But in all honesty, I really feel that he does actually care about the things that he supports. He’s not just in it for the publicity.

  • jules

    Yes, he’s done it again!
    But, let’s not forget who is inspiring this NEW Brad we are loving and appreciating. Thanks to Angelina Jolie for making Brad a dad which seems like he was born to be a dad and making him content, happy so that he can focus on his other interests such as humanitarian work, architecture and enviromental issues….Thank you to Brad and Angelina!
    And thank you for your wonderful article, Happy New Year!

  • Kristen

    Dude, indeed. He has become such an extraordinary man, I just can hardly stand it. And I’m TOTALLY going to use him as a verb. Love it!

  • Uma Richmond

    Thank you for doing a brad pitt for us!!

  • Kendra

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    The Red Campaign is doing great things, and there are many more of us out there trying to change the world, one tee at a time!