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Morgan Freeman Chats Dubai And The End Of Cheap Oil

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morgan_freeman.jpgIt’s easy to see why Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson get along so well. These are some true “no bullshit” guys that seem to open up about everything from politics to women to the environment in their interviews. Just as Jack was pretty forthcoming with his thoughts on sustainability in a earlier interview last month, it’s now Freeman’s turn as the two of them play the game of promoting their latest movie, The Bucket List.

In a great sit-down with Alex Simon of The Hollywood Interview, Freeman reveals his thoughts on peak oil, sustainability, and the costs of moving to renewables. Here are some great highlights:

On Dubai and the end of cheap oil:

I met the Imam, the sheik of Dubai. He’s a fascinating guy. He’s the leader of this state, not a country, because the United Arab Emirates are what comprise the country. Dubai is one of seven states in the Emirates. He’s got the idea that you have to build, build, build because eventually, the oil is going to run out. If the oil doesn’t run out, the price is going to go down so low eventually, that it might as well run out.

On the United State’s slow transition to a more sustainable nation:

I’m talking wishful thinking now, that eventually this country’s leaders are going to understand that it isn’t about money. It’s about sustainability. Right now, if you mention alternative forms of energy to anyone in the government, all they’ll want to talk about is what it will cost, which is stupid. It’s going to cost you more to establish it, than it’s going to cost you to run it. But we have to do it.

Why using “costs” as an excuse will ultimately doom us:

Just one day, one day, just look up in any major city in the world, and just look at the cars. Don’t think about the airplanes, or the trains, the boats, just the cars, running up and down the road, burning gasoline and diesel fuels. With biodiesel, you can make diesel fuel out of bacon grease, for God’s sake! So why aren’t we doing that? They say “the cost.” It’s got nothing to do with the cost. It’s “the cost” that’s going to kill us.

For the rest of the interview, jump here.

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