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patsajak_2.jpgLeave it to a game show host to get everyone talking about global warming.

Pat Sajak, legendary host of Wheel of Fortune, is also something of a part-time blogger. Needless to say, his political views are firmly ingrained with the right — having served on the board of directors for the conservative think-tank Claremont Institute and penning occasional articles for the online site Human Events. You know you’re in scary territory when fellow writers Robert Novak and Ann Coulter share the same space as you.

Anyways, Sajak has just released a new piece titled “Man-Made Global Warming: 10 Questions” that seeks to spark further debate on the issue and how it is being addressed in the media, by politicians, scientists, etc. He has a very neutral, disarming tone to his writing that I respect — it opens up the doors for debate. Unfortunately, his questions are a bit flippant — almost mocking. Like #2: “Just what is the average temperature of the earth?” Um, 59 degrees. I found this by asking the question in Google.

I can completely see where he is coming from — these are reasonable questions — but without any answers it feels to me like Sajak is simply questioning the hard science; once again providing banter to muddy the waters. Needless to say, his comments have sparked over 200 replies going back and forth over man’s role in global warming. You can have a read over two different sets here and here.

I do want to point out one bizarre point Sajak makes in the article here: “If we were to dramatically reduce our need for international oil, what happens to the economies of the Middle East and the populations that rely on oil income?” This seems like a ridiculous reason to reconsider America’s shift to a more sustainable economy. Yes, there will be unintended consequences, but the United States will do itself well to develop a self-sustaining infrastructure. The Middle East has the same opportunities to evolve as we do. What’s embarrassing is if everyone else gets there before us.

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  • Sean O

    How did you find the temperature was 59 degrees? Care to mention your source? It was not obvious when I ran a similar search and Mr. Sajak is correct to ask the question what is the average temperature because the technique varies quite widely over the last 50 years. I discuss this on my blog quite often.

  • Jean Cannon

    Increased global warming is a sympton of man’s pollution of the environment. There may well be other factors that influence climate change and have for millenia but the serious thing that is threatening our economic and political stability and well as the ecology of the entire world is man’s continued pollution with the various greenhouse gasses.

    Sure there will be some negative ecomonic consequences when we decide to behave more responsibly, but these will be much worse the longer we leave it.

  • Brad Arnold

    While I feel impatient with Mr Sajak’s elementary and border-line irrelivant questions, I have one of my own that I feel is directly relevant:

    How likely is it that mankind will cut their emission so fast and drastically that either abrupt climate change or runaway global warming?

    My answer is it is very unlikely due to political/social/economic inertia, plus carbon sinks becoming carbon emitters in a warming world. In other words, drastic emission cuts is an unfeasible strategy.

    Instead, any feasible planetary rescue plan must include a method of removing the CO2 from the air. I suggest using the low cost method of biosequestration: seeding an extensively tested GMO into the ocean.

  • George Frank

    I live in the Florida Keys and it is 37 degrees F here with a wind chill of 22 so I can’t even get myself to discuss global warming. The average low is 66 and the high is 71, or the Weather Channel says 62 and 75, or Weather Underground’s averages of 63 and 74. I guess what is average is a pretty good question. If it’s that difficult to get averages for one spot on the planet, it must really be difficult to get it for the entire planet.

  • William Teach

    I’d like to see where you got that 59 degrees answer, too, and see their science. The Earth is a dynamic system, in which it gets warmer, cooler, hot, and cold, depending on many conditions.

    Pat misses the fundamental question, though, being “if anthropogenic climate change is so bad, why are most of the supporters, particularly the leaders, failing to change their lifestyles to match their rhetoric?”

  • michael

    I completely agree with the above on the average temperature question. I came to that conclusion after looking at several sites that all seemed to agree on 59 or 60 degrees as the average. You can see a bunch of them here: (right hand side info)

    And yes, the Earth is an incredibly complex body that needs to be studied consistently to come to these conclusions — and we wouldn’t want science to stop there.

    As to what William says,“if anthropogenic climate change is so bad, why are most of the supporters, particularly the leaders, failing to change their lifestyles to match their rhetoric?” — he’s right, plain and simple.

    I think this year will be the year of backlash for those that do not follow through on their green ambitions. You can already say it’s happened with Gore and a few others — but until they take even more steps in their lives to live what they preach, they’re simply a messenger and not a leader.

  • Norman Grant Smith

    The Truth is a beautiful thing.

    FACT: We are currently enjoying a warm interval (interglaciation) between ice ages. Our interglaciation is called the Holocene. The last interglacial (before the last ice age) was called the Eemian. The Eemian Interglacial was WAAY HOTTER THAN TODAY AND CO2 WAS SKYROCKETING AS WELL!!! Modern Man was not here yet during the Eemian but if we were some Al Gore type would have been blowing hot air and blaming “human activity.”

    Thank God the Earth naturally warmed up from the last ice age, because my country – Canada – was covered by ice several kilometers thick about 12,000 years ago. These warm interglacials typically end after about 12,000 years so statisticly the next ice age is getting close.

    Climate is ALWAYS changing. Look at the Vostok ice core charts and see if you can find any spot where temperature and CO2 are stable (a flat line). GOOD LUCK!

  • Norman Grant Smith

    And here is some very disturbing truth about Al Gore that he forgot to mention in his movie. This is very serious stuff I have been researching, and I wish the mainstream media would start looking into it. Please check this out yourself and draw your own conclusions.

    Gore wants to make money for his company called Generation Investment Management(GIM) and is raking in millions and millions.

    Gore is Chairman of GIM:

    GIM invests in companys that cause massive toxic waste and deadly air pollution. Here is their investment details:

    Note that Gore invests heavily in GE (a major player in the Military Industrial Complex) and Becton Dickinson (a champion of Toxic Waste)

    Learn more about Becton Dickinson’s environmental scandals here:

    And here is a marvelous flying gattling gun that spreads depleted uranium (DU) all over the Middle East – thanks to GE:

    It’s pathetic that this guy got a Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe the interrogation staff at Guantanamo Bay will get the next one.

    So now you know where your “carbon offset” money goes.

    Best wishes to all – May ye all become truth seekers.
    This isn’t about right or left – it’s about the truth.

  • Tony Kvale

    It is also helpful to understand if there is a rationale behind the queries — does the questioner aim to elicit a particular answer or direction in us?

    Looking at an issue from many different directions (oceanic temp, earth temp, etc.) may allow us to understand the issue with creativity in observation and solutions.

    I, for one, wish to act with precaution in areas of suspected influence, regardless of the debate. In the case of global warming, it is quite a small percentage in the scientific community debating our influence on the planetary climate.

    By the way, Pat, our company has launched a mainstream board game in which there are no right or wrong answers — instead, it is entirely dependent on the creativity of the players in a news headline game. Oh, and by the way, this party game uses authentic earth-friendly production methods and materials!

  • Chuck

    I only ask – where is the “hard” science. There’s plenty of hypothesis (opinions) and mathematical model estimations, but what data does exist does not support either beyond the theoritcal.

    Should we be better stewards of our environment? Absolutely, but be very wary of the “all knowledgeable scientists” ploy. It was not all that long ago that “all knowledgeable scientists” said we were headed for an ice age, and not to much further back in time when they said the earth was flat. Anyone disagreeing was labeled uninformed or a hertic.

  • david

    he should be the host of Jeopardy, because that is what he is putting us all in.

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  • Eco Mama

    Pat Sajak?! He is a former weatherman, but did he ever get a degree in meteorology? I dunno. What I do know is that Chuck Woolery was a better host of Wheel of Boredom, before Pat replaced him way back when. BRING BACK CHUCK!

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