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anderson.jpg“I know 2008 will bring all your wildest dreams. 2007 was an interesting year for me. What’s the definition of insanity? This is the year I do everything I wanted to do – my way. I have so many great projects – for the environment, for animals. I’m going to be proud of every single day – and make sure I do not veer from the path. Stay focused.”
Pamela Anderson from her official website

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  • Bryan Au

    I will vote Pamela Anderson for PRESIDENT! She is AWESOME I love how Eco/Green/Vegan she is and she is my hero. I met her at the Peta 25th Anniversary Gala Event in Hollywood I was one of the Caterers/Chefs. I now design Eco Bamboo Organic Cotton clothing and would love to give some to Pamela and connect with her!

    Bryan Au