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It was only a matter of time.

After wooing the world with books, magazine covers, and irresistibly cute photos, Knut the polar bear is now being offered a movie deal. The 245lb “symbol of climate change” is currently going through contract negotiations with Hollywood producer Ash R. Shah. The Berlin Zoo is acting on behalf of the bear and sources close to the deal say something in the realm of $5 million is being thrown around for the rights to the animal’s story. From the article,

“The zoo has confirmed local media reports that it is in talks with a Hollywood producer. ‘We are delighted about the interest from Hollywood. It’s unclear when we will sign the contracts. Some details have yet to be sorted out,’ zoo director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz told Bild am Sonntag newspaper. The film will also address the fate of Knut’s brethren living in the wild as global warming threatens their Arctic habitats, Berlin newspapers say.”

Even more bizarre, Shah is pushing hard to have 18-month-old Suri Cruise (daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) be the voice of Knut. We’re placing bets that Suri Cruise would lend her talents to the cuddly 50lb version and not the 245lb present day mega-bear. Said Shah,

“With (Knut’s) friendly character, he’s serves as an ambassador for the Earth’s problems — climate change and the melting polar ice caps. A movie about Knut would affect people all over the world. Suri could speak the English voice of Knut.”

If this guy thinks polar bears are friendly, he should get in a cage with a few. Can Suri even say complete sentences yet? Or is this going to be a point and speak affair. “Sun” “CO2″ “Bad”

Nevermind, it’ll make millions.

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