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I hit the local theatre over the holidays to check out Sweeney Todd (good flick, btw) and happened upon the first poster for M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming film The Happening.


As you can tell by the image, it doesn’t appear to be a very uplifting movie. In fact, it carries an environmental theme that places plants as the villains. Here’s the Wikipedia summary,

“The Happening is a paranoid thriller in which a family must survive a global environmental crisis. The film will portray the earth’s plants unleashing airborne neurotoxins that cause people to commit violent suicide. Mark Walberg and Zooey Deschanel star as an estranged couple who must escape this apocalyptic epidemic.”

Apparently, the earth’s fauna become enraged over what humans are doing to the world and activate a backup plan to get rid of us. Interesting idea. Might make me trust that orchid next to my window a bit less.

This film is one of several in production that feature green themes — including The Swarm and Jame Cameron’s upcoming Avatar.

The Happening bows, appropriately, on Friday the 13th in June.

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  • Sara Ellison

    Wouldn’t it be “pissed flora,” since it deals with plants becoming enraged and not animals, which are fauna?

  • mrs mogul

    Sixth Sense is his best film so I hope this one will be as good.

  • Jane

    Don’t you mean Flora?

  • michael

    I must have had Knut the Polar Bear and animals on my mind when I wrote that title.

    Thanks to all that wrote to point that out!!

  • becky

    Should be interesting, I’ll have to rent it when it comes out.

  • Melissa

    Someone made a movie about Monsanto?

  • David

    Sounds totally retarded. Plants become aware and get even with humans………That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Shyamalan needs to give up his little pipe dream of trying to create another success that he hasn’t done for about 9 years and get a factory job cause that’s about all he’s good for. Pathetic —-Plants getting even with humanity? Flat out stupid. This movie is going to be the biggest bomb of the summer, and I’m going to be laughing when the critics rip it to shreds.

  • Randy

    I don’t know what David considers success, but, in my opinion, Shyamalan has made several great movies since The Sixth Sense. I loved Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, and Lady in the Water. I do agree, however, that plants intentionally attacking humans to “get even” sounds pretty silly. I’d still see it because I’ve been impressed by every other movie he’s made.

  • Buttercup

    Ok, I read the script……its gonna be 1 of the best movies, of all time. ……….Doesnt sound silly 2 me…….Trees are trying 2 get even with humans. The story is so intense, powerful, great thriller, the edge off your seat. What happens if The Happening, Happens in real life.

  • Srinivasan

    Hi Mr.Night, You r one among the legends of script writter who inspired me a lot. Dont you think your upcoming movie have a shadow of “Day after tomorrow”

  • RJ

    Ill be thinking about this movie the next time I mow my lawn.

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