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When Leonardo DiCaprio encouraged all of us to go green this year in the film The 11th Hour, he didn’t exactly say we should all take the same direction.

Take for instance his new toilet (yes, I have no idea how we find these things out either) that was installed as part of some eco-friendly additions the actor is undertaking at his home. It’s called the Toto Neorest 500. Not only does it come with a seat warmer, automatic flusher, and remote control — but it also automatically flips open when the user approaches it. Yup.

Apparently, this thing is considered “eco-friendly”, at 1.6 gpf, but with all the other gee-whiz gizmos thrown in we’re not buying it. We’re thinking the actor might have done better with some dual-flush toilets — or even taken it all the way by installing a composting version. Alas.

On one hand, I can understand the “coolness” factor of showing your pals a toilet that will pretty much serve their every bathroom need. Unfortunately, if you’re attempting to make a point that we should conserve and simplify our lifestyles, spending $3,200 on something so completely unnecessary is not the best way to win over your critics.

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  • davidconnell

    Any toilet that uses electricity is not ecofriendly in any way, shape or form. Has anyone coined the phrase “conspicuous eco-consumption” yet? This most certainly falls into that category.

  • Emily

    another good term here is “greenwashing” — and that one has a bit of a pun in it ;-)

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  • Jackie

    His aim for eco-friendliness is just a little off on this pricey toilet. And, besides, 1.6 gpf – that’s so yesterday. He’s a bit behind the times. There are about 100 high efficiency models, which use only 1.28 gallons perr flush, already on the market. Even his governor is ahead with his recent legislation mandating 1.28 gpf models. Leo should have purchased a Caroma dual flush model with a little flush and a big flush option. Use only what you need. Isn’t that a key mantra of the eco-movement?

  • Eco-Thinker

    hmm not sure it is even possible to win over critics! But, hey..he has done decent work and $3,200 won’t exactly lift the poverty burden off of any nations, so hey if it gets his name splattered across blogs then more power to him!

  • Melissa

    A toilet for that much should be able to do more than just lift the lid when you approach, like helping men to aim straight, cleaning itself, and other things I probably can’t mention here…

  • veganicat

    maybe the electronic gadgets are solar powered. boys and their toys… either way that’s some serious shit…

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  • John Hopkins

    For an eighth of what he paid, Lenny could have bought from the same manufacturer a toilet that would have used less water. Some pretty price he’s shelled out to get a tush-warmer! Oh! You don’t suppose Toto gave it to him for the buzz…

  • Kathleen Linger

    Who does he think he is passing off his expensive rich-actor luxury item as helping the environment?!! Perhaps we should change his name to Leonardo FullofDicrapio!

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  • deecee

    It is a dual-flush toilet. Push one button for small flush, another for big flush.

    The seat warmer has an energy save feature or can be shut off completely.

    Before you go and judge why don’t you look where this toilet originated, in Japan, where there is no central heating. Before you go judging why don’t you spend a winter in a near-frozen home, b/c that’s the way you spend your winters in Japan. One luxury, like a heated seat, helps to offset that it is really really cold during the day and at night in a home in Japan. Point your fingers elsewhere, esp. Americans that sleep with the temperature in the high 50s and 60s in their homes. Ugh.

  • Manzanita

    How about going vegan? One hamburger means 30 average american showers. No toilet can compete with it. And it is only one hamburger without counting eggs, dairy and other animal products effect on the environment.