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While (thankfully) it’s not an SUV, I’m a little disappointed to see Orlando Bloom backing a car in Asia that features very little in the way of green technology. DiCaprio did it in Japan with the Prius. Couldn’t Bloom apply his values to the same industry?

Check out the commercial below with Bloom as the official endorser of the 2008 Toyota Corolla Altis for the Asian markets.

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  • ana

    orlando is so cute in this spot.he is the best

  • charles Lord

    Orlando is the best and hope will be in the limelight in 2008

  • sara

    i love orly

  • P.

    Maybe they didn’t want him for the Hybrid or any other “green” car. Pirate’s not “Hybrid” material. At least you know he’s putting the money to good use. That’s what matters.

  • http://- papa

    it’s effective!!! I wanna drive Altis! (^v^)

  • http://yahoo shannon

    i love it!!!! i wish Orlando Bloom..would endorse many commercial advertisement…i love him so much…

  • nate

    A new statement in Toyota ads. Be the star. am an all Toyota Corolla Altis fan and owner. Want to have the new altis, and just attended the launching last Friday on a Toyota dealership here in Pampanga.

    Orly elegantly portrayed as a new image model for Altis just what Brad Pitt did in the previous model.

  • gowd

    The ad is very irritating; and so is the expression-less face of orlando bloom.

  • Sandhya

    Agree with gowd, very wooden