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Here at Ecorazzi, we like to talk about water….I mean we really like to talk about water…I mean we REALLY REALLY REALLY like to talk about water. So in the spirit of tradition, here’s some more aqua jib-jab.

This year at the Golden Globes GBK Celebrity Gift Suite at the Thompson Hotel, Park City Ice Water will be promoting the first environmentally friendly water bottle EVER!!!

What makes Park City Ice Water so damn environmentally sexy? First off, their neat space-agey packaging requires 75% less energy to produce, and is totally recyclable. It’s estimated that 77 percent of traditional water bottles end up in landfills, and Park City predicts their product will account for 96 percent less landfill space.

Also, Park City Ice Water originates from a glacier more than 2,000 feet below the Ski Mountains of Utah, so you don’t have wonder whether you’re actually just drinking crappy tap water that’s been mildly filtered. And because Park City Ice Water flows directly into their plant, there is no need to transport the product in tanker trucks, thus saving gasoline.

Now I know some of you are just against bottled water on principal, but for all of us water snobs who still want to save the world, this is a really, great option. Go check out their website and make sure to click on “endorsements” to see pictures of some of your favorite (and least favorite) celebrities, like Jennifer Tilly and Audrina Partridge, chugging down some artisan goodness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab a glass of crappy tap water that’s only been mildly filtered. (Sigh)

  • Schel

    I think that this bottle is better than traditional water bottles but I still believe most people will not go as far as to actually recycle them. It’s better to skip it all together and filter your own water at home!

  • Karin

    Ah yes, I agree with Schel. Water is being turned into a commodity. Paying more for something that we simply cannot live without at prices that bury gas prices is insane. I avoid it at all costs. Oh, and what about that poor glacier, how long will it last when producing any water bottle is probably contributing to green house gases-each one of those little bottles has to be transported!

  • http://none Dawna

    HELLO! your body does not like chemicals! FREE=tap! unless you are lucky enough to live in the boonies where ya have a well. Plus chemicals added to water dropes the oxygen levels, which low oxygen levels= desies. look it up if you dont believe me people! Your right, we should worry about our earth though…there are companys working on bio-degraidable bottles. we are evolving.

  • Rebecca

    So, the water is from Utah? How many gallons of fuel were used to truck this product across the continent? How is that environmentally friendly? There is perfectly fine tap water available at the Golden Globes already. There are products like bottleless water coolers from that filter out the chemicals and leave you with the same product. Boo to the Golden Globes!

  • Michelle

    There is no such thing as an eco-friendly bottle of water. It still takes more water to make the bottle than is actually in the bottle, energy to make it and ship it around the country, and people still won’t recycle the bottles. Do the planet a favor and filter your own water at home…its much less expensive than bottled water too. Get the facts at

  • Sam

    I’ve found an even better alternative that has the potential to end the waste of water bottles for good! Check out they’ve developed a vending machine that will dispense cold filtered water into a refillable sports bottle. The machine has been designed to be environmentally friendly from the ground up.