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Perhaps you’ve seen the trailer for Cloverfield — the new monster movie from J.J. Abrams that shows NYC realistically being attacked by a giant Godzilla-like creature. Perhaps you also ran to the bathroom afterwards to throw up from queasiness after being treated to the first-person shaky cam footage. Either way, the underground buzz for this film — especially after a new viral marketing campaign hit online — is about as big as the lizard.

Take for instance this latest piece of “leaked” video. It show a Japanese oil rig in the middle of the ocean violently collapsing and sinking after some unknown disturbance below the sea. We could have told you instantly that it was the work of a pissed-off giant lizard (we’ve seen the God-awful 1998 Godzilla movie as a primer) — but instead the media have gone and blamed it all on some eco-terrorist group called T.I.D.O. Wave.


Unfortunately, it also appears that the monster has potentially caused a massive oil slick that’s headed for the Connecticut shoreline — so thanks a lot. The only redemption here might be if he/she also accidentally takes out Central Islip on Long Island while en route to New York City. That would at least neutralize the oil spill in my book. Check out the details below:

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  • dave

    The guys at Cloverfield have created a battle between TIDO wave and Tagruato Corp, the parent company of Slusho. There is a ton of viral stuff going on you can catch up on at