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0611035_5.jpg“Our situation, with global warming and air quality and all of that, has gotten to be catastrophic.” — Morgan Freeman in a recent interview with Grist Magazine.

Uh Oh.

Morgan Freeman has revealed that he loves to commute to work in Hollywood — in an airplane. The 70-year-old actor says “it’s a great way to get to work” making the 1,800 mile-commute from his Mississippi home to work in Hollywood in his twin-engine, seven-seater light aircraft. From the article,

“He told Britain’s Independent newspaper: ‘I had my flight training three years ago in Clarksdale near my home and now I’m high-flying. I fly from home to Los Angeles at 23,000 feet, solo in my own Cessna 414 aircraft. ‘It’s exhilarating traveling at 270mph and a great way to get to work.'”

Let’s first assume that Freeman uses the plane to get to Los Angeles and then sticks around for several weeks to months. I’m not saying this is a good thing — since his carbon footprint is going to be much higher than if he was to fly commercial. But, this would be a hell of a lot better than if he literally “commutes” a couple times a week back and forth between Los Angeles and Mississippi!

I can understand getting your kicks in the air — I’m not saying anybody should not enjoy the gift of flying. But commuting to work in a private plane — while also talking about global warming and sustainability — just does not sit well with me.

Maybe he should get a glider…

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  • jeremy

    has anyone seen Ed Begley’s piece called “reducing Your Carbon Footprint in 2008?”
    It’s really good and helpful:

  • John


  • Dave

    Liberal Tree hugging morons, you might want to check out climat gate, finally proof that global warming is a hoax…….. I hope he commutes every other day, he has earned it.

  • Hillary

    Morgan! Get a jet– MUCH faster!!