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Fresh on the heels of his recent article challenging yet again the hard science on climate change, game show host Pat Sajak has penned a new tirade on the topic over on his personal site.

Titled “A Solution To Global Warming“, the article describes Pat’s grand idea that all environmentalists should eschew the modern lifestyle in favor of a more Spartan existence. Instead of demanding governments to step in and develop sustainable solutions for our energy needs, curb pollution, and improve the health and well-being of the populace — Sajak believes that environmentalists (or those who believe in climate change) should first reduce their own impact, “live in communes”, and have their own “uniforms and badges and secret handshakes.” Then, and only when millions have joined, does Sajak believe this collective will be able to prove any meaningful impact on global warming.

As usual, Sajak spins the wheel a little too hard and ends up coming across as some loon that believes environmentalism is some dark, underground society. He’s also a couple years late in writing this article as the U.S. is a much more environmentally-conscious society today than it was a short time ago. People are in fact living “greener” lives, saving energy, looking hard at where their products come from, and making healthier choices in terms of food production and building materials. We still have a long way to go — but no society simply switches overnight — nor does this one have to “give up” the modern lifestyle as Sajak alludes. With the eventual help of the U.S. government, we’ll be able to create technologies that advance our society in a more sustainable direction, not drag it back.

Here’s a funny paragraph:

“In short, they could become a major force for change. Carmakers would be driven out of business or forced to dramatically alter their products to meet the demands of this eco-friendly Gorian tsunami. Companies of all stripes would, similarly, have to adapt or perish.”

Where has this guy been the past year? Can anyone name one car company that’s not releasing or planning to release environmentally-friendly vehicles? Is there a major corporation out there that has not touched upon climate change or sustainability?

Someone needs to get Pat out of the studio more. I think a little fresh air — maybe even some time in a “commune” — might do him a bit of good.

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  • becky

    He’s such an idiot.

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  • david

    The environment is everything that isn’t me. Albert Einstein

  • Eco Mama

    Time for the folks at King World to give Pat the boot, and bring back the original host, Chuck Woolery!!