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airjordan1.jpgEven when the commercials told me to, I never REALLY wanted to “Be Like Mike.” But lately I’m starting to rethink my decision.

Nike is set to release the 23rd version of it’s popular shoe, the Air Jordan, at the end of January. 23 was Michael Jordan’s number for most of his NBA career, and so to honor the man with the foot, the AJXX3 will be the first shoe in the company’s history designed to reduce waste and incorporate environmentally friendly materials.

For example, instead of the AJXX3 requiring the usual nasty glue and ozone layer crushing adhesives, Nike is coming up with an innovative new system of interlocking panels which will do the job without causing as much harm. In fact, they built brand new machines just to make this shoe an environmental success.

Tinker Hatfield (the worst name maybe ever), Nike’s V.P of Innovation Design and Special Projects, said, “We pissed off a lot of people at the factory because this wasn’t business as usual,” and estimates that “Within six months, you’ll see other [basketball shoe] companies following our lead.”

So how do you get Jordan’s new eco-sneaks? Wait the hell in line like everyone else, dammit! Starting on Jan. 25, 23 retailers will each receive 23 pairs of AJXX3’s that will cost you $230. They’re really obsessed with this 23 theme, huh? And then on Feb. 23rd (again with the 23) they’ll be available on mainstream shelves.

Are you as impressed as I am? Tell Ecorazzi what you think about this new green shoe! I expect 23 comments!

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  • mollysvegan

    Yes, but are they made by child slaves?

  • ac

    Yes, but they’re eco-friendly child slaves.

  • Kent

    A division of Nike trying to make a green shoe is like Exxon starting a bird sanctuary in Prince Willaim Sound run by an underage drunken sea captain. Guya, just stick to exploiting child labor and union busting; you know, what you’re good at.

  • PGM

    If those sneaks are as argyle as they look in the photo then save me a spot in line!

  • ash

    #5 he is still so hot.

  • aveganjourney

    Did anyone mention who the profits of these shoes are going to? Nevermind as we already know.

  • davidconnell

    To be fair now, Nike was one of the first companies to sign onto William McDonough’s cradle-to-cradle initative and their Ken Griffey Jr. building (was he really that good?) has received LEED Gold certification. Here are some links:

  • SarLo

    its just an effort for a comp with a bad rep to save face.

  • Matt

    To be fair?

    Fair isn’t getting rich off the explotation of children and being able to pay piss wages.

    Successfully impressing a few people with their bougious fashionable green building isn’t what fair is either.

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  • Polly

    Of course this is a pr ploy and not really a change of heart for Nike. Oh, wait, I do not mean to imply that I think Nike has a heart. Silly me!
    I don’t see the new shoes listed on the website yet, but I do see that it costs $118 – $310 for the Jordans that are currently available. How much of that money goes to the people who make the shoes?
    Fair trade shoes are available and they cost less. Not to mention allowing you to stand on higher ground.

  • Julian

    My Uncle said Im Getting Those Shoes For Passing My SOL Test..Its A Good Thing I Did Really Good

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  • WEDABEST!!!!


    I’LL BE ON LINE ON THE 23RD!!!!!

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  • MJ Witness

    Gr8 shoes. But, MJ should tell the company to lower the price so the TRUE FANS can access his products. Trinidad fan

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  • Mj witness

    Copped the black. The gray with white is tough.

  • king

    Any boby like air jordan 23 ,come here lowest price and fast shipping