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Do you know what’s even better than a nice game of poker? A nice game of poker that benefits a bunch of sweet ass animal shelters!

On January 12th, Dick Van Patten will join forces with PETCO and Van Patten’s own dog-food company, Natural Balance, to host his annual Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament in Palm Springs, CA.  A lifetime animal advocate, Van Patten will distribute the money raised from this event to various animal charities and rescue organizations throughout the USA. 

If you’re like me, you might know Van Patten as the dad in Eight Is Enough, but he’s actually had a huge career, including 600 radio shows, 27 Broadway plays, 7 television series and 30 feature films. And it’s because of his work in the entrainment field that Van Patten’s is being honored with the 301st Celebrity Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars on the same day as the fundraiser. So to honor the man with the plan, I’ve written him a little congratulatory poem:

On January 12th Dick Will Play

5 Card Stud with his buds in C.A

So skip gamblers anonymous

Cause this game you won’t wanna miss

And ante up to help those that are stray 

Jeez, I should have been a frigin poet!