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2_719-feist.jpgI finally discovered Feist. No, it wasn’t because of the 1-2-3-4 Apple iPod Nano ads. Yes, they’ve officially ruined that song for me. It’s just that I’m about an album or two behind in discovering new artists in general. Perhaps it’s my broken radio continuously tied to NPR — or the fact that Pandora is consistently jazz. Either way, you don’t care — and I’m digressing rapidly.

The point is, Feist is hot at the moment — and she’s joining a number of other equally successful artists in helping to raise money for the Energy Action Coalition. On April 8th, the newly formed Green Owl Records — a Manhattan-based independent label — will release its first album titled, The Green Owl Comp: A Benefit for the Energy Action Coalition, a two-disc CD/DVD featuring tracks from artists like Feist who have shared their music in order to support the good works of EAC. 100% of the profits will go towards the organization. From the article,

“Disc one of The Green Owl Comp features a collection of 16 songs, including a live version of Muse’s epic “Knights of Cydonia,” Feist’s haunting “Honey Honey,” a remix of Bloc Party’s anthemic “The Prayer,” the whimsical dissonance of Deerhoof’s “+81,” The Citizens Band’s serpentine ode “The Fortune Teller” and Of Montreal’s stark piano ballad “Feminine Effects.” The Green Owl Comp also showcases the post-punk urgency of The Exit, the rustic folk-pop of The Appletrees, Young Love’s melodic vocal charm, the electric chants of School of Seven Bells, Harper Simon’s languid electric groove and more.

Disc two features bonus audio tracks, exclusive music videos and an interview with Energy Action Co-founder Billy Parish (a 2005 Rolling Stone “Climate Hero”), as well as Green Owl co-founders Brewer, Abreu and Glicken.”

But it doesn’t stop there — you can also visit Green Owl’s website to search for biofuels in a particular area, calculate your carbon emissions, or learn about other environmental grassroots campaigns to contribute to.

This is definitely a label we can groove to. Look for the comp on April 8th.

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  • Cydney

    I just bought the Green Owl Comp and its awsome! Feist’s song is great and the other artist’s are great as well. My new favorite cd!