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coron.jpgAlthough it was one of the programs I regularly flipped past while watching UK television in New Zealand, there’s no denying that plenty of other people around the world have made watching Coronation Street a part of their daily routine.

Recycle Now, the national recycling campaign for England, has teamed up with the producers to make recycling a part of the Street’s set and locations. From the article,

“Viewers will be able spot the recycling bins on set including a green-wheeled bin for individual households in the terraced backyards, an industrial recycling bin for cardboard and paper outside the ‘Underworld’ factory, and community recycling banks for food and drinks cans, clear glass bottles and jars and magazines and newspapers outside the Medical Center.”

According to Fridey Cordingley, Head of Recycle Now, the decision to green Coronation Street came easy. “Coronation Street is committed to portraying real life and the issues currently affecting society as a whole, therefore we felt it important to introduce recycling facilities to the Street. We have also broached the subject of being more environmentally aware through recent storylines with character, Roy Cropper (played by David Nielsen) who undertook recycling in his café, Roy’s Rolls. We hope this will encourage the public to do the same and get on board with Recycle Now to recycle more.”

A cool idea — and I think it’s the best step to simply incorporate “green” habits into a show, rather than make a special themed episode to focus on the topic. Let’s hope other soaps follow suit!

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