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Ecorazzi Chats With KT Tunstall

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In an Ecorazzi exclusive interview, roving reporter Margaret had the chance to ask KT Tunstall some very deep questions. Here is the convo in all it’s glory.


E: You are a pretty famous green gal: you rock hard and live with sustainability in mind. What is the main motivation in both?

KT: Well now tell me, what’s the point of having a band and not rocking hard? NO POINT!! For me, the tradition of rock and roll is about living the life of a nomad, having what you need in a guitar and a bag, and it’s a great way to live. It’s a lot more inspiring than piles of inflammable stuff.

E: You have said in other interviews that being from a physically beautiful place makes being “green” that much more important to you. Where are you from and how did that inform your childhood and ecological outlook?

KT: I grew up on a craggy Scottish coastline that’s crumbling into the wild North Sea. When I went down to London, people would say, “woooo, it’s windy today.” And I would think, “come on, I don’t see any trees on the floor.” To me, nature is an obviously omnipotent force with the upper hand, and we are guests. As long as we are graceful, appreciative lodgers, the earth remains healthy and wondrous. We are trashing the guest house, and it feels wrong.

E: My favorite green activity is walking around my apartment naked in the summer, to cut down on my energy use and the AC bill. What is your favorite green tip/activity and why?

KT: I also love walking around my house naked. I also highly recommend sharing a bath, hitting yourself on the head with a ladle if you need to boil the kettle twice, and turning your heating down by 2 degrees.

E: What is your favorite tree, insect, and car?

KT: The Californian Redwood. The Bee. A vintage Porsche…or a souped up Brazilian copy of a 60’s split screen VW camper. But I don’t own a car or a camper van as it wouldn’t make sense.

E: Would you rather date an unabashed Hummer Driver, an Oil Executive, or an Elephant Tusk Dealer?

KT: They can all go and have a reality tv orgy with George Bush whilst being force-fed the prospects of Polar Bears once the Alaskan wilderness has been ruined by greed.

E: Just kidding about the last, but what is the sexiest eco-friendly thing you’ve ever seen a man do? (I for one get very hot to trot when a man rides a bike to work, with a brief case and his suit leg rolled up to avoid the spokes).

KT: Oh yeah, I was totally kidding too. Sexy good stuff when you see a guy recycling his rubbish. It should be the new singles meeting place; the anti-dump.

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