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old.jpgIf you thought that title was amusing, chances are that probably sums up how Pierce Brosnan feels about the entire situation.

A 77 year-old Hawaiian farmer named Cathy Ham Young is taking Brosnan to court over allegations that he stole her water. According to reports, Young claims the previous owner of Brosnan’s estate on the island diverted water from the farm she owns – and the star has failed to replace a ditch, despite a judge’s order to do so. She says that Brosnan refuses to have the ditch near his home, and claims that by the time the water gets to her farm, it is polluted.

As a result, she blames the former James Bond for ruining her vegetable crop.

She says <insert best angry old lady voice here>, “Pierce Brosnan stole my water. Because he’s a millionaire movie star, he thought he could just move in and steal my water. He’s even ignored a court ruling for him to put in a new ditch to restore the water supply to my farm. His lawyer told my lawyer: ‘Pierce doesn’t want to look at a ditch.'”

According to Brosnan’s lawyer, the actor is not in the wrong. “Pierce has not been ordered to restore a ditch,” he said. “A judge found that water goes through five different properties between Pierce’s property and Cathy Young’s property and that it’s not Pierce’s problem.”

Ah, the problems celebrities face. It’s good to know they have to deal with random crap from irate neighbors as well. Where’s that old silencer when you need it?

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