by Michael dEstries
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golden.jpgThere were no hybrids, recycled red carpets, compostable flatware, or sustainable gowns. In fact, as we’re all well aware, beyond a smattering of reporters and publicists — barely anyone bothered to show up for the 2008 Golden Globes. Thanks to the on-going screenwriters strike, we’ve just witnessed perhaps the greenest, most earth-friendly awards event ever held in LA! Next year, they should just throw the whole thing online and let everyone stay home! We won’t even have to defrost Joan Rivers!

Amazingly, NBC still decided to televise a 30-minute special on the show — receiving just under 6 million viewers — about a quarter of last year’s numbers. Those who somehow had nothing else to do were treated to incredible insights by Billy Bush (“There is not a star to be found!) and Nancy O’Dell.

Once it was over, a special that generally takes about four hours to complete was done in less time than an episode of CSI. Brilliant. Perhaps this will be a blueprint for future shows?

“Rest assured,” said Jorge Camara, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, “that next year the Golden Globes will be back bigger and better than ever.”


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