Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for crappy horror movies.  Yes I know, it might be a little out of character for a peace loving, environment cuddling, vegan to get his jollies by watching blood and guts, but still, I will happily shell out the 12 dollar ticket price to watch bad actors get hacked to bits. So you can imagine how frigin stoked I was when I heard that Hollywood director/actor, Mario Van Peebles, just made a new horror flick with an eco-friendly twist.

The low budget film is called Recycle or Be Recycled, and was filmed at the Peaceful Valley Ashram and Retreat.   Basically the flick is about a family that visits the “Eco-Valley” haunted ashram and is attacked by ghosts for visiting a forbidden graveyard, wasting water and forgetting to recycle.

The green cause has always been an important factor in Peebles life, and soon he will be starring in a TV series called, “MVP’s Green House,” which follows he and his family as they perform a totally green renovation of their home. The show will feature a baker’s dozen of celebrity guests, with the first being Ecorazzi golden boy, Ed Begley Jr.

Peebles has had quite the eclectic career, beginning as an analyst for the New York City mayor’s office in 1979 and then eventually working for the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget task force.  He is currently working on the documentary,  “Bring Your ‘A’ Game“, which will feature Sean (P.Diddy) Combs, Chris Rock, Spike Lee and Ice Cube.

Recycle or Be Recycled will be available on YouTube in about a month. So hit off the lights, grab some popcorn and PREPARE TO BE RECYCLED!!!!!!!

via: thederrik.com