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This weekend, The Art Of Elysium, a charity that teams up artists with critically ill children, held, Heaven: Celebrating 10 Years, a star-studded gala that celebrated their 10 years of service.

In the past, The Art Of Elysium has gained the support of some huge Hollywood A-Listers, and this event was no different, with attendance by celebrities like Harrison Ford, Ellen DeGeneres, Courtney Cox Arquette, Ryan Seacrest and Rachel Bilson.

In 2007, the The Art Of Elysium set a goal to reach 20,000 children by the end of the year. To help achieve that, they participated in the Teen Impact Retreat in El Capitan Canyon, which gives teens with cancer a chance to make new friends, participate in exciting activities and share their stories. The Art Of Elysium uses drama, music, yoga and an array of other art forms to help children all across the country.

So why not be a pal and visit their website to learn how you can donate your time, money or artistry to help some pretty awesome kids through a tough time.

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