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MacBook Air

Besides being an avid blogger, I am also an avid nerd. Therefore, when Steve Jobs speaks…I LISTEN! And Steve Jobs did speak…this morning in California.

Jobs announced that Apple will soon be releasing the new MacBook Air, which is billed as the world’s thinnest computer and is capable of being stored inside an interoffice mailing envelope. I’ll spare you all the technical jargon, but basically this computer will not only be super duper savvy, but also super, duper green.

In the past, Apple has had a few run-ins with the environmental group Greenpeace over their less than earth-friendly practices, but this computer just might give Greenpeace a run for it’s money. The MacBook Air will have a fully recyclable aluminum case, and is “the first” to have a mercury-free display. The glass on the screen is arsenic-free and all the circuit boards are BFR-free and PVC-free. Also, the retail packaging uses 56 percent less material than the regular MacBook packaging.

What I’m saying here is: MR. JOBS, I’M IN LOVE!!! The MacBook Air will start shipping at the beginning of February. Note to readers: this would be a very nice Valentines Day gift for your favorite bloggers (ie. Ecorazzi team).

  • julie

    Parrish…that is AMAZING. I will start saving.

  • RAD

    Just who are the “swooning environmentalists” your headline refers to? You should try to make your title relevant to your blog entry, doncha think?

    And by the way Parrish, updating your laptop just because there’s a cooler one on the market is the very ANTITHESIS of green. You know that, right?

  • Emily

    If I ever decide that I need a laptop….yummy.

  • becky

    That is really neat. I’m hoping to get a new computer in the next year (mine is 4 or 5 years old) it’s nice to know there is something green on the market.

  • parrish

    RAD, you’re not rad at all…in fact I think you’re the opposite of rad! The title refers to ME!!! I consider myself an environmentalist and I swooned…totally and utterly swooned. So there, meanie! And I didn’t suggest anywhere that you should throw your old laptop out and buy a new one. Wait a second, is this Bill Gates pulling a prank on me? Oh you guys at Microsoft have such a sense of humor!

  • Waylon Lewis

    I live on my laptop whenver I need a new one (my old one’s screen is cracked and falling off) I will get it I dind’t know about it before ecorazzi rocks

  • Sarah

    To add on to what Parrish said, check out all of the e-recycling options out there:

  • mollysvegan

    Apple has a computer recycling program too…

  • Tom

    Here at Greenpeace we welcomed this announcement as evidence of progress towards a Greener Apple:

    To get slightly nerdy the Sony Vaio also has all the circuit boards are BFR-free and PVC-free.

    Good to see that the major companies are starting to eliminate these toxic chemicals.


  • parrish

    Yes, Greenpeace!!! So happy we heard from you.

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  • Caz

    hey parrish did u publish this article?

  • parrish

    Caz- Do you mean did I write this post? If so, then yes I did!