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Everyone’s favorite 80 pound ex-con (what, you mean you don’t have one?), Heidi Fleiss has announced her return into the business that made her rich and famous: she plans to open the world’s first legal, wind-powered brothel for women. That’s right ladies- you’ll be able to hit the spa and hire yourself a male hooker- in eco-style.

Heidi’s Stud Farm will be located on 60 acres of land she owns near Pahrump, Nevada, where she’s just opened a new laundromat, Dirty Laundry. Heidi’s one keen businesswoman – when she saw that many people in Pahrump didn’t have money to own their own washers and dryers, she immediately knew there’d be a need for a laundromat. In a similar vein, Ms. Fleiss sees an opportunity to sell sex to women AND wind power back to the grid.

The Stud Farm will be “an exclusive resort, and I’ll make it really nice like the Beverly Hills Hotel”, says Heidi. She’s reportedly been looking into green building options, because she doesn’t want “anything polluting”. She believes that women will come to her resort as they would for any getaway- “for bachelorette and birthday parties…or simply because they have the time and the money and they want to get a manicure, a pedicure, and a shag”, she says.

The parrot-loving madam says she’ll run her Stud Farm on wind power because “there’s a need for it”, refers to herself as a “treehugger”, and seems genuinely concerned that her beloved parrots were born into such a polluted world- to which her father replies that “the world is a beautiful garden. It’s just, people are destroying it”.

Heidi is certain that her new idea is a sure shot- and that once she gets her wind turbines up to harvest wind power on her Stud Farm, she’ll never have to work again. She seems confident that women will embrace her new sustainable venture, and given her past successes, she’s probably right. Says Heidi, “The only problem out here is the climate”.

Thanks to and Full story can be found in Elle February 2008 edition.

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