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james.jpgA year ago, it was called the “Hydro-Hell”. Now, it’s been changed to “Green Scream”. Ask custom motorcycle builder and television producer Jesse James for the real name and he’ll probably just call it “Fast”. Already famous for his shop West Coast Choppers business and actress wife Sandra Bullock, James is about to try for the land speed record this coming spring in a hydrogen gas-fueled car.

Jesse was at AutoWeek’s annual design forum awards dinner promoting recycling and talked about his plans to shoot for the record. No stranger to Ecorazzi, we’ve profiled several times his support of the green movement; particularly eco-friendly building materials and the arts. From the article,

“Jesse says ‘we all want to go faster and have cooler, neater stuff, so we all have to pay our dues. … That’s just me trying to find some balance. … I want my kid to be able to drive my ‘cuda. So that’s my preachy speech.’ Jesse also says Al Gore is still ‘a dork’ and ‘I don’t want to go to an electric Formula One race.'”

Al Gore a dork? Them’s fighting words, James! Where’s celebrity deathmatch when we need it? Needless to say, I’ve got $20 on the motorcycle guy with tattoos. Gore doesn’t stand a chance without Tipper ready to tag in.

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