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I’m sure by now, everyone knows ALL about the whole Michael Vick dog-fighting incident. Well, on January 28th, for the first time since the trial, the media will be invited to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to meet the 22 animals that were rescued from the dog-fighting operation.

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located in Kanab, Utah and stepped up to the plate by providing the rescued animals with a much needed puppy vacation. The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary also saves cats, birds, bunnies and horses and bills themselves as the nations largest no-kill rescue. The event will feature interviews with the dogs’ caregivers and the opportunity to meet the cast of the new National Geographic Channel documentary series “Dogtown.”

Can’t make it all the way to Utah? Luckily, the Humane Society has provided a resource to help locate your local animal shelter.  So put on some sturdy vegan footwear, hop in your bio-diesel car, and grab some of your dawgs to go help those dogs!!!