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liveearth.jpgIt’s official: The Live Earth office parties are about to become that much cooler.

The organization that rocked out last July around the world has just accounced a new partnership with Absolut Vodka to encourage consumers to “reduce the effects of global warming by offering simple steps they can implement in their daily lives.” Number one: Drink heavily. You’ll drive less, sleep more, and basically reduce your overall consumption of the world’s resources.

But seriously, Absolut has pledged up to $500,000 to support global cooling initiatives from organizations like the Environmental Media Association, The Fruit Tree Planting Association, and The Ocean Foundation. They will be teaming up with Live Earth to promote the Live Earth Film Series (60 educational and compelling short films) that we saw a smattering of back in July. Here’s how Absolut will give back:

“ABSOLUT will donate $1 per registered code for a bottle or cocktail of ABSOLUT, ABSOLUT Citron or ABSOLUT Mandrin to the three environmental nonprofits, providing proof that indeed every sip counts. Cocktails at bars and nightclubs come with “Cooling Cards,” where donations are activated instantly via text or online. At retail locations, “Cooling Code” stickers, found inside recipe cards, will when chilled reveal a code that is activated at”

Yea, we’re thinking the amount of people that will actually follow through on this whole “card checking” scheme will be few and far between — especially after a night of drinking. Hopefully, that $500K will be dispersed regardless.

Hit the official site for more.

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