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Listen, I know I created a lot of drama the last time I wrote about Tom Cruise, but here I go again. Tom Cruise is flat out crazy!! There, I said it. Listen, I have no problem with Scientology- it’s not my religion of choice, but I could definitely get down with a little L. Ron Hubbard magic every now and then. That said, I get a serious case of the heeby jeebies when people start fundamentally prophesizing on behalf of their faith.

In the new uncovered Tom Cruise scientology video (kind of like the Paris Hilton sex tape, but with like aliens and stuff), Cruise says that the Environmental Protection Agency lied regarding the purity of the air post 9/11. He says, “The EPA came out and said the air was clean. Of course, as a Scientologist you go, that’s a lie. Outright lie. Liar. Fine.” He continues to explain how as a Scientologist he recognized there was a problem and offered to provide workers with detoxification therapy-a procedure made popular by L. Ron Hubbard (the essential Jesus of Scientology).

It’s not the fact that Tom Cruise said the EPA lied, I’m sure the EPA has lied before. It’s the fact that the REASON why he knew they had lied was because he was a Scientologist. That kind of talk scares me to pieces. So Tom, I’m sorry to you slap you again with Ecorazzi’s third generation, recycled, biodegradable, vegan slapping stick, signed by Alicia Silverstone and Darryl Hannah- but I’m afraid I must. Ready, 1-2-3 WHACK!!!!! Get a hold of yourself man!


  • michael

    Some bizarre comments there from Tom. On the one hand, the EPA hasn’t always had the best record when it comes to the interests of the people. On the other hand, to claim you know better because of your religion is just bizarre.

    To be fair, Tom’s “detox” program did provide some health and well-being to people who worked at the WTC site and were denied proper care by the U.S. government for health issues.

  • parrish

    Right, right. It’s not so much that I’m a big EPA man, but Tom is just sounding crazy these days! It’s all in the delivery.

  • Kay

    This “help” the cult gives is for PR purposes to seem less skeevy. It’s a simple and common diversion method. Don’t be fooled people!
    “Hey look over here at the good little things I’m doing so you can’t see the tons of misdeeds my cult buddies are up to!”

  • mark miglio

    Tom’s remarks are taken out of context and what you’ve got here is a situation of missing background data.
    This article is seems to be irresponsible and a disservice to us readers. Why not contact the Church of Scientology for clarification before writing the article?

  • becky

    This man is nuts!

  • Simon Scowl

    “To be fair, Tom’s ‘detox’ program did provide some health and well-being to people who worked at the WTC site and were denied proper care by the U.S. government for health issues.”

    It most certainly did not.

  • mark miglio

    I loved the Scientology sauna (toxin and chemical removal) prurification program when I did it. All of the people I know (including one NYC fireman) were likewide impressed.

  • John

    I too know many positive results from the sauna detoxification program Tom Cruise talks about. Not only does it rid the body of environmental toxins but also helps people overcome drug addiction.

  • parrish

    That’s awesome and that’s why you both are (probably) associated with Scientology. So as Scientologists, please tell your second in command that acting like a crazy head is not the best P.R move for the team. But hey…that’s just what I think.

  • brenna

    While I don’t necessarily always believe anything the EPA says, Tom Cruise is just plain nuts. I highly doubt that the Church of Scientology is going to be any more upfront and truthful either. I have come into contact with a lot of those people that stand on the street and want to give you a “personality test” and they are just plain creepy whose main motive is to get gullible people to fork over money.

  • Tera

    First let me say, Parrish, your writing reads like brain candy. YUM!! :-)

    If I may, I have a question. If this is what bugged you:

    “It’s the fact that the REASON why he knew they had lied was because he was a Scientologist.”

    Then I’m confused.

    Is this what we’re slamming him for?

    I get that you’re a brilliant writer, so IQ isn’t in question here.

    But, I mean, if he feels like being a Scientologist enables him to spot lies, do we really have a problem with that?

    If you watch the same video, the guy works 18-20 hour days because he believes there’s something to be done to make a better world. Whether you agree with his choice of tools or not, his conviction is hard to deny. The degree to which he implicates himself to apply the tools that worked FOR HIM, is admirable. At the end of the day, his efforts were to help not injure others.

    Frankly, sometimes I don’t know what’s worse for the environment, gas guzzling or insult-slinging. They both contribute to a pretty degraded state of existence, as far as I can see.

    I don’t want to invalidate you, Parrish, but if you don’t like what he’s doing to make a better world, maybe you can show us some other alternatives.

    As far as I’ve ever seen, slander and insult just create more injury.

    We’re all somewhat shattered humans doing our best to survive in what can be a crazy world.

    I see you do a lot of great things here on this site, and for those, I thank you.


    I mean, call me a Utopian thinker, but “Can’t we all just get a long?”

    Love and hugs,


  • Blammo

    Well pessy.
    At least he did SOMETHING . Your M-pyre didnt do chit !
    Pura Vida

  • parrish

    Tera- How can I argue with a comment so peppered with compliments? Now there’s a girl who knows the way to my heart! Yes, in reference to insult slinging: I agree with you (to an extent). I try to keep my “not green” articles to a minimum, but something about his holier than thou attitude, coupled with the news I wrote about last week regarding his gas guzzling habit, and the subsequent series of rude comments from that post left by a few Scientologists just put a bad taste in my mouth.

    To clarify, why I was annoyed that he said “the REASON he knew they lied was because he was a scientologist” was because that automatically implied that non-scientologists are less than or not as “enlightened.” True, I probably could have a gone a little easier on the old man, but what’s done is done. So while I’m impressed that he spots the need for change, after watching that video I’m a little worried about his methods/ideas for that change.

    Thanks for the comment, Tera. Always excited to hear what readers think!

  • Tera

    You’ve won the heart of another respectful reader. Thanks, Parrish. I really appreciate you clarifying your point of view. Tastefully done, and with integrity to boot!

    xox ;-)

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  • gooniebird

    Damn it mavrick you fly through my jetwash again and i,ll tell jester and he,ll ground your sorry butt