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From Project Greenhouse to the Rejuvenation lounge sponsored by GBK Productions. This scene was set up with mostly eco-friendly products — some of the names were Amy Lee, Medicine Women, Eco Gear, RevaleSkin (their products are made from coffee berries), World Wildlife Fund, and Ear Therapy — where i was given a combo of reflexology and auriculotherapy on my ear. Here’s a shot I grabbed of actor Armand Assante.


 Photo Credit: Melissa Rosenberg

  • Zmama

    I see ATD (Autumn Teneyl Desigsn) behind Armand Assante! Wow Eco, Autumn Teneyl is a hot designer-glad to see she was at eco lounge sundance 2008! We love her! Congrats! Looking for more from Autumn…Zmama

  • May Anne Lowe

    Thank you for the photo of Armand Assante

  • KC

    I just bought an eco gear bag on line. I can’t wait to get it. Is this the same company?