The Lexus Project Greenhouse is one of the hot spots at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The greenhouse lounge was totally happening- they were offering massages, showcasing eco furniture, giving out some fabulous drinks and supplying the Park City Water- of which I am big fan of the packaging.

One of my favorite eco-jewelry designers, Monique Pean, was showcasing her jewelry as well. Monique told me she will be traveling in the next two weeks with the Charity: Water organization. Who’s else has been here so far?

Emma Bell was spotted in the Project Greenhouse lounge chatting it up with Corrin Arasa. Bell will be co-starring in the amazing film “Death in Love”, directed by Boaz, starring Jacqueline Bissett, Josh Lucas, Adam Brody and Lucas Haas. Emma told me she really enjoyed working with everyone in the cast. I asked her what she thought of the film and she said she hadn’t seen it yet!

Also in attendance was Donovan Leitch — on the chair at PG getting a massage- along with his wife model Kristi Hume. I thought she so tall and I am 5’10”! Not short!!

More to come!

Photo Credit: Melissa Rosenberg

  • Doug Johnson

    Melissa Balin was great at this event.

    Putting her in touch with the GREEN COMMUNITIES Google chair.

    Doug J.