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boycott.jpgBefore some of you think I’m out of my mind, please know that the above title is in reference to a humorous one-woman play called The Boycott that’s been receiving rave reviews. It’s also the first ‘theater’ entry we’ve had here on the Raz and we’re psyched to reach out to that genre.

So, yes — the premise is this: “The Boycott tells the story of the First Lady of the United States launching a nationwide sex strike to fight global warming and save the world. As the play unfolds, the story of Kathryn, trying to keep her emotional head above the waters of despair and create a piece of theater which will make a difference, interweaves with the story of Lyssa, who has to take on her indifferent husband, a hostile press, and a romantic rival who’s not only in bed with the President, but with the darkest powers of the oil industry.”

There’s a whole lot more in this performance — including psychedelic absinthe trips and enchanted frogs. What’s not to love? The talented lass behind this production is Kathryn Blume. Co-Founder of the Lysistrata Project, the first worldwide theatrical event for peace, she recently completed another one-woman show called The Accident Activist. She has also has worked for organizations such as the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and Forest Watch.

We applaud environmental theater! To see if The Boycott is coming anywhere near you, check out the schedule here.

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