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This weekend, dozens of Cambodian police denied Mia Farrow and the members of Dream for Darfur-an American advocacy group- access to a Tuol Sleng prison, the Khmer Rouge’s main torture centre during its genocidal rule in the 1970’s.

Farrow and the group had planned to light an Olympic-size torch as a form of protest to pressure China into using their influence to help end the genocide in Darfur. They also planned on delivering a handful of white lotus flowers, a traditional Cambodian offering, in remembrance for the victims of all past and current genocides. Farrow was stopped by the guards, and eventually backed down and left peacefully. She released this statement: “”My heart – our hearts – are breaking for what happened in Cambodia today, especially for the survivors of all genocide.”

What’s crazy is that although I know at this very moment genocide is happening in Darfur, it so rarely ever affects my life. I mean, I think about what I’m going to eat for lunch (lemon-pepper tofu and carrots) way more than I think about Darfur-and that totally sucks. So Mia, while you may not have made it past the barricade, you’ve convinced this boy to  think less about possible meal options, and take some time out everyday to reflect on the horrors of this wasteful genocide. Hopefully, this article will do the same for some of our readers!  

To get more involved with the relief efforts in Darfur, visit Dreams For Darfur or

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