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by Michael dEstries
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Remember the on-going saga of Daryl Hannah attempting to sell her biodiesel El Camino? If not, good for you! But in the interest of figuring out where this is all going, we have an update.

So, yes, the car has finally made it on to eBay. When last we left the “original black beauty”, Ms. Hannah was overwhelmed by inquiries and decided an auction was the best way to decide it once and for all. Not that you would necessarily have an easy time actually entering a bid — there’s no link from her online store. Just something indicating it’s on eBay. Which might be why there’s only one bid so far for the vehicle.

Currently, the El Camino is going for $9,500 — well below whatever reserve price is currently on the vehicle. If you’re interested, you’ve got three days left to make this car your own! As Daryl says, ” so get up and get off the fossil fuels!”

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6 Responses to Daryl Hannah’s El Camino Auction Not Bringing In The Dough

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  2. ChooChooCharlie says:

    I really want that car, but the interior is horrendous!

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