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I’m really not trying to be Debby Downer today, but celebrities just seem to be batty over all this Darfur/Sierra Leone stuff lately.  Soccer star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, David Beckam, spent some time this past week in Sierra Leone as UNICEF attempted to raise awareness on the issue of child survival. 

Beckam reported, “In Sierra Leone, one in four children dies before reaching their fifth birthday – it’s shocking and tragic especially when the solutions are simple – things like vaccinations against measles or using a mosquito net to reduce the chance of getting malaria.” He continued with, “Saving these children’s lives is a top priority for UNICEF and as an ambassador I hope I can help to draw attention to this issue across the world.” While visiting West Africa, Beckam spent time in their health clinic, and of course played soccer and autographed paraphernalia for the kids.

David Beckam (aka, the man my ex-girlfriends wish I was) has worked with UNICEF for over two years to help raise awareness for a plethora of good causes. Now if only he was just a little better at playing soccer.

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  • Hey

    Beckham is such a talented soccer player, and he uses his fame in a positive way. Thats the way it should be. Good job David!

  • fan of celebs doing good

    I think it is great to have role models who actually know how to do GOOD. I think it is also important that people write about this, but don’t bash them for doing it. People need someone to look up to. The media has to stop reporting everything BAD and start reporting some GOOD. This is an example of good. David Beckham (who everyone knows is super hot)went there to help, not get more attention. Brittney Spears is trying to get better but every little set back she has its in the papers and magazines…this doesn’t help her get better, it makes her worse.

  • Black Tai Salt Company

    The Black Tai Salt Company and Katen Imports would like to help raise money, up to $25million dollars for David Beckhams organization.

  • http://yahoo the hottie lover

    omg he is so fucking hot i want to marry him and be mrs. beckham. if i could kiss him or hug him that would be aewsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee