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Gifting lounges seem to be one of the biggest highlights of the sundance festival. Is gifting really so eco-friendly?! Aren’t we trying to get rid of having so much stuff?? Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Ultimate Oasis: The Green Lounge, created by J.R. Savet. This event/lounge benefits Brad Pitt’s, Make It Right foundation.

The cool part about this lounge was it was in a home behind main street. I walked in and was offered a hot cup of numitea. On the main floor in the house was Shaklee, giving away some laundry products to Kristi Hume and Donaovan Leitch. Other brands represented were Hint Water, Tolaspa (whose stylists are from the Paul Mitchell school), Royal
Underground, and catered by FUD, which featured tasty food creations by organic chef Heidi VanPelt. Her presentation was really creative.

Below are some additional photos I’ve snagged from in and around Sundance. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Melissa Rosenberg 

  • Catherine

    I’ve done some homework and Shaklee really does walk the talk in the green cleaners space. Very impressive. You can read more about the toxins in everyday household cleaners here: http://www.veryheal