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Last year about this time, the Beckhams were named the most environmentally unfriendly couple. Now, David alone has a new honor to add to his resume:

Largest Carbon Footprint In Human History!

For those playing along at home, you should imagine your best ‘God’ voice when saying that. Trust me.

According to Carbon Trust, Beckham’s extensive air travel for matches and endorsement obligations, along with his fleet of cars and homes have all added up to record numbers. From the article,

“The former England captain logged over 250,000 miles last year as he flew back and forth between the U.S. and Europe for England’s European Championship qualifiers, while also participating in a Galaxy tour of Oceania in the latter part of the year. Beckham and his wife Victoria also collected over 50,000 frequent flyer miles for advertising obligations around the globe. At home, Beckham owns a fleet of 15 cars, including a Porsche, a Hummer and a Lincoln Navigator.”

This all adds up to about 163 tons of carbon dioxide yearly. To put that in perspective, the average Englishman contributes about 9.4 tons. The average American generates about 7.8 tons. Said a Carbon Trust spokesperson, “With all his money he should be using it at least to reduce his own footprint. He has more freedom of choice when it comes to methods of traveling. He could also choose greener cars.”

Or how about just f–king sit still?! Damn — we should tie this guy down lilliputian-style and do the world a favor. Let’s hope we’re not writing about any new records this time next year. Who knew talented feet could have such massive footprints?

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