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James Cromwell wouldn’t remember, but I waited on him once at a restaurant in New York. He and his wife were SUPER kind and damn generous tippers. So it’s no surprise that James continues to share his generosity by narrating the Humane Society’s new video, Overlooked.

Overlooked is a short movie that addresses issues like: the cruelty animals endure on factory farms, recent advancements for farm animals and tips on how you can help reduce animal suffering. James Cromwell is not only a brilliant actor (I mean did you see BABE?), but also a virtual icon in the world of animal issues. Also, Cromwell is an outspoken advocate for a plant based diet (go, vegans!) and practices what he preaches by contributing to many organizations, including one of my all time favorite places, The Farm Sanctuary.

So big up’s to Mr. Cromwell and the HSUS for fighting the good fight and rocking it hard for the plants, the animals and the world. We salute you! Check out the video below.

  • Jenny

    I’ve always loved James Cromwell. I think he’s the cutest thing. Now that I’ve read this, I love him even more. Thanks for sharing!

  • maddison

    did you see they took the slaughter bound calf that fell of the truck on the highway to his far sanctury?how cute!