blckclkbacckbackback1.jpgI’m not gonna lie to you….I shop at Old Navy. Go ahead-throw recycled bottles, curse under your breath, perform voodoo curses on me…just get it all out of your system. I’m not proud on my reliance on the dastardly corporate teat for my fashion nourishment, but sometimes it’s hard to find eco-friendly threads in a hurry. Well no more excuses for me!

Christopher Davies, the owner and Head Fashion Stylist of London based POA-Style has just cut the ribbon on his new green business, Davies has had over 10 years of experience working with celebrities like Gabriel Byrne, Alicia Silverstone (my celebrity crush), Billy Bob Thorton, and Parker Posey (who I see on a monthly basis in the East Village and find totally dreamy). Davies plans on using his celebrity crew to help promote his new t-shirt line and make the world a more environmentally fashionable place.

The goal of the carbon tee is to create global awareness about the dangers of having a heavy carbon footprint (I’m talking to you David Beckam) and to focus more on reducing your impact on the environment. These shirts most definitely practice what they preach by rocking 100 percent organic cotton, using organic water based dyes, and being harvested by hand-thus reducing the amount of fossil fuels used in the manufacturing process. Oh yeah, and for every t-shirt sold, Davies and his crew will make a donation to Plant-A-Tree-Today.

So Old Navy, watch out! My days of generic sweat shop clothes are coming to an end! Visit and help me change the world one sleeve at a time!

  • Di

    These look cool, but can I buy them if I’m in the US?

  • Mick Markis

    Hi there. I have already purchased a “carbon tee” from , and rest assured, these tees are 100% organic ,as I have checked them out thoroughly.I am so chuffed to bits withe “carbon tee”, that I will be recommending the site to all of my 1750 work colleagues, as thet look so coo, and I’m confident they will be a real fashion statement, in the months to come.The “carbon tees” have all the required certifications, to make them 100% organic cotton tees.Also,they can ship to the US,so long as you pay the postage.Unfortunately,it would take months to deliver by donkey, so I can only presume these are shipped by air freight for now.

    Mick (the Eco warrior).

  • Frank

    This is great. I am printing my own organic T’s for a cause. This is a fun way to give back and spread awareness.