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When I reflect on the AIDS crisis in Africa, the first I think is, “You know what these guys need? Motorcycles.” Ok, maybe that isn’t really the first thing that pops in my head, but it would be if I was Elton John

Elton John, has just stepped up to the plate and donated 120 motorcycles to the African nation of Lesotho as part of the Riders For Health program-which is partially supported by the Elton John AIDS Foundation.  The donation will help to provide vehicles for doctors to assist them in getting around the mountainous state for medical emergencies.

On Saturday, an official ceremony was held just outside the country’s capital city, Maseru, where Elton personally distributed the hogs!  He stated, “We want to improve the transport system by bringing health care to millions of people living in the most rural areas and thus making a difference in their lives.”

So Elton, I really appreciate your dedication to improving healthcare abroad, but I just have one question: I don’t live in Africa or anything, but I am an uninsured American and lately I’ve been really crossing my fingers for a Toyota Prius. Realistically here, what are my chances?