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eva-longoria-onscreen-kissing.jpgDespite green buildings popping up around the world, it’s still a bit difficult to find contractors that actually know how to go about constructing some sustainable features. Just ask Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker. She and her husband Tony Parker faced an up-hill battle recently with builders over their plans to create a home as eco-friendly as possible.

Features include recycled wood for the structure, solar arrays, and a grey water treatment system. Nice! Said Eva about the project,

“Everything is going to be environmentally friendly. We are going to install solar panels for part of the house. All our water is recycled for the lawn for irrigation. It was a fight with our builders; a lot of people don’t want change. But it’s worth it.”

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  • david

    honestly she should be bottling her waste water.

  • David

    It’s amazing that the populous continues to lead the politicians when it comes to protecting our environment.

  • Tessa

    I think it’s good that Longoria is recently thinking eco-friendly. I mean, a lot of the population is still on the fence about it, but all in all, we all have to start somewhere. And as a designer, I know that ‘Green’ is becoming even more important in households and commercial settings. It’s a good awareness factor to help people start becoming Environment-conscious.

  • dan

    I think it is important to note that for a celebrity with a significant income, it is easier to ‘build green’ than it would be for the population in general. But it is good for them to lead the charge!

  • emkapi

    i think its good for her to go green!

  • David

    She should be congratulated on pushing for a ‘building-integrated’ sustainable home. Water, energy and wastewater as well as solid waste management can economically designed into a new home. If done properly, she will have no ouside utility bills to worry about as prices increase in the next few years. Her house will be her own private utility.

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