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During a reception at Project Greenhouse at the Sundance Film Festival, we had the pleasure of discussing the future television series The Green Life, with Entourage star Adrian Grenier and his new producing partner Peter Glatzer. After meeting through mutual friends and sharing a passion for spreading awareness on living a “greener” lifestyle, the two have embarked on a new television series that will illustrate how making small changes in everyday living can be cool and simple. Their new production company, appropriately named “Reconcile,” was derived from the name of Adrian’s other company, Reckless Productions, but most importantly carries with it Webster’s definition of restoring friendship and harmony; in this case with the earth. Shooting will begin almost immediately and is set to premiere this summer.

When we asked Adrian and Peter to offer an example of a way to illustrate their vision of a more eco-friendly way of life, they described an intimate evening dinner with friends at home, where all of the guests would participate in preparing the meal, purchasing the food locally, and having quality conversations as opposed to dining out in a loud trendy hot spot. Less travel, less waste, and more substance is their goal here. Adrian stated,

“if everyone just became a little more aware of his or her own personal impact on the earth, real change would ultimately result.”

Peter and Adrian will be filming in LA, at a home that will be designed and modified in a most eco-friendly way with the assistance of Lauren Gropper, who is an expert in green building. With Adrian’s experience in greening his home in Brooklyn and his mass appeal to the younger generation, the Reconcile team hopes to educate their audience for long lasting, earth positive change.

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  • adrian grenier is eco-sexy

    Adrian Grenier is eco-sexy. It is so unattractive to be unaware of the environment these days. He is uber-sexy in the way that he is using his celebrity to bring awareness to this cause.
    This makes him 100 times sexier than his more self-centered alter ego Vince Chase.
    Take note, Entourage creator Doug Ellin!

  • greenleelu

    Love the retro clothing he’s sporting. To respond to “adrian grenier is eco-sexy” – I like your word “eco-sexy” but not your view of Vincent Chase. He’s anything but self-centered. His character is totally selfless and zen’d out – never worried or anxious, rolling with the punches, and stands by his morals, not willing to sell out. Not that Vince Chase is a real person, but come on, let’s give Ellis some credit! There’s more to the Chase character than meets the eye. Just because a guy likes lots of beautiful women doesn’t mean he’s shallow.

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  • entourage episodes

    Love Adrian’s bed head. Seems he was out partying.

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