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When I think of Simon Cowell, the first expression that pops in my head is, “That was by fah (far) the wehst (worst) thing I’ve eva (ever) seen (seen). ” Do you like my cyber Brittish accent? True, the snotty, English judge of American Idol has made a name for himself by pointing out how “bloody awhful (awful)” most Americans are at singing, but it looks as though the cool critic does indeed have a streak of kindness after all.

Cowell has just announced that when he eventually passes away, he will leave almost all of his fortune (about 180 million dollars) to both animal and children’s charities. Not the first good deed of his life, Cowell has shown a generous side before when he donated 20,000 dollars to set up a dog sanctuary in Barbados. He’s also used American Idol to promote various charitable organizations.

I’m impressed with Simon’s decision, but if I were him I’d be careful about letting this information slip out. I can see it now: Simon Cowell Gunned Down Today By Gang Of Orphan Children And Rescued Dogs! Be careful, Simon! If you die who will tuck Ryan Seacrest in at night?