One of my best (or possibly worst) attributes as a dude is that I kind of hate sports. Therefore, Super Bowl Sunday means about as much to me as global warming does to Pat Sajak. However, if I WAS a football fan I would totally be into this:, an online auction website, has just announced that they will be auctioning off tickets for the 2008 Super Bowl. So why does Ecorazzi care? Well, because not only do they have regular tickets, but they also have VIP tickets for some of the hottest celebrity infused Super Bowl parties of the year. You can bid for a chance to attend events like Carmen Electra’s Leather and Laces party, John Travolta’s Saturday Night Spectacular co-hosted by Marshall Faulk, a golf foursome at linebacker Lawrence Taylor’s Celebrity Golf Challenge at the Phoenician, VIP Tickets to the Pro Players Gala, and a viewing party in Las Vegas at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club.

All the cash collected will benefit The EarthLab Foundation ,which raises awareness for the ongoing climate crisis and provides the most widely used carbon calculator in the world. So if you’re a fan of the game, or friends with a fan, head on down to and check out all their pimped out Super Bowl offerings. Oh, and then email me who wins…or who’s even playing for that matter.