Breaking News: Hayden Panettiere is actually part whale. A thin whale, yes. A cute whale, absolutely. But I am most definitely, one hundred percent convinced that Hayden Panettiere is somehow directly related to the cetacean family and thus porpoise like in distinction.  And like any good family member-she protects her clan.

This weekend, Panettiere spoke at the Save the Whales-Again campaign at DuPont Circle in Washington D.C to help raise awareness about the brutal slaying of whales around the the world. Save the Whales-Again is an international conservation project that aims to re-ignite the passion of the earlier “Save the Whales” movement and “Save the Whales Again!”.  

Panettiere joins fellow celebrities, Pierce Brosnan, Keely Shaye Smith, and Isabel Lucas  who have all pitched in to try and help save the whale…again.  Panettiere has been particularly active in the movement and has future plans to speak with representatives from Japan, Iceland, and Norway to try and convince them to change their archaic fishing practice.

It looks like this Heroes star was typecast.


5 Responses to Hayden Panettiere Saves The Whales…Again.

  1. drivin98 says:

    Since the rise in CO2 in the oceans that is projected to extinct coral by 2050 will also kill off the plankton whales eat, we might as well eat them. They’re goners anyway.

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  3. Eco Mama says:

    Hey Hayden,

    Do what I did to get the Ecorazzi off your back and buy the Greenest Car – Honda Civic GX. But don’t believe me, listen to what Jay Leno has to say:

    Peace out

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  5. mackenzie says:

    YOU GO HAYDEN! save the whales!!!

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