Greenpeace is kind of like that kid across the street that your parents secretly wished you were more like, or that guy in college that always got a hundred on the test and ruined the curve for everyone else. They always have to be so damn …PERFECT!!!! (Parrish throws his computer across the room and weeps uncontrollably into a family size bag of barbecue potato chips). Well, mom and dad, it looks like Greenpeace has done it again!

Top chefs Raymond Blanc and Tom Aikens will join forces with Greenpeace to urge the culinary world to support only sustainable seafood.  The campaign begins tomorrow night at Old Billingsgate Fish Market in London, where celebrity chefs and food writers such as: Antonio Carluccio, Brian Turner and Rose Gray, will sign a pledge to stop using or promoting unsustainable fish species and to support the creation of marine reserves to help fish stocks recover. Along with the previously reported celebs, Michelin-starred chefs, Heston Blumenthal and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have also jumped on the boat.

Raymond Blanc insists: “Protecting the diversity of fish in our seas is as important as looking after wildlife on land. Those of us who are passionate about cooking and serving seafood will be equally passionate about using only sustainable species, as the fish we cook and eat now will determine what we have in the future.”  

If this all sounds “fishy” to you, take a swim on over to and learn which fish are on the naughty list this year.  So, YAY Greenpeace on another perfect score. If you need me I’ll be in that dark corner over there with barbecue chip hands and unaccomplished dreams.