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While the emotionally-gripping drama that was the Transformers movie may have skimped on including any sustainable vehicles, the producers of the refreshed Knight Rider franchise are moving in the opposite direction. The new KITT will be ‘incredibly efficient’ according to David Bartis, executive producer. The car will feature solar panels (most likely similar to the current Maybach) and incorporate other green technologies. From the interview,

CS: Was there any attempt to make this a “green” car? Is the new KITT a hybrid?

Bartis: The new KITT is incredibly efficient. Yes, it is a hybrid in some new ways. You’ll see it incorporate solar energy and technology that we could create because it is a TV show. There are some cool new technologies we have applied; it is a highly efficient vehicle.

Of course, anything is possible on television. According to ABG, the first KITT during the 80’s was way ahead of its time, employing liquid hydrogen in a turbine engine that got 100 MPG. Groovy. Knight Rider airs February 17th on NBC. Check out the promo video below for a list of all then new cool features we can expect, minus David Hasselhoff. Sigh.

For the record, I think the Pontiac Trans Am from the 80’s was a hell of a lot cooler than the new Mustang version.

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