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If you were one of the many that enjoyed the Live Earth reunion of the fictional band Spinal Tap, step right up! For the next 24-hours you can bid on Nigel Tufnel’s one-of-a-kind, custom-made Ernie Ball Global Warming guitar that he played at the concert. It’s perfect for rocking out to their new song ‘Warmer Than Hell’. Brilliant. Check out the description:

Laser engraved figured maple top depicting a flaming Earth Real snow globe with Al Gore figurine, “Presidential Seal” and volume-activated lighting Knobs in the shape of an ice cube and an Egyptian pyramid Pickup switches in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Empire State Building Painted and laser engraved pickups (to maintain continuity of the image on the body)

White Corian fingerboard laser engraved with Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales Functioning LED “thermometer” running up the center of the fingerboard (when the tone pot is pulled up, the thermometer slowly rises to the first fret; freezing is at the 12th fret) Flamed headstock Fully-detailed guitar backside painted black with sparkling stars complete with a “Blackberry” compartment containing a small faux blackberry fruit.

The faux fruit is genius. Why more artists do not have a ‘blackberry’ compartment on their guitars is beyond me. All proceeds will go towards the Casey Lee Ball Foundation, a non-profit organization working for the advancement of pediatric kidney research. Rock on! Hit the auction here.

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  • dan


  • EggNogAdam

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Flippin’ AWESOME!!!

  • Damnit

    Damn, that guitar is fucking ugly…i hate it!

  • edd

    just another band playing up the mindless bullshit that is global warming… also one fugly guitar

  • 4th Drummer

    Obviously edd has no idea who the fuck Spinal Tap is. Go back to your fucking Guitar Hero bullshit, you fucking poser!

  • Lickmylovepump

    …but edd, this one goes up to 11!!!!!!!!
    He he he!!!

  • Michael Z. Williamson

    I have a ten string (for 66% more noise) and the knobs go to 11 (for 10% more volume), but my amp goes to twelve (for 20% more amping). I can create global warming just with the power draw.

    That said, Nigel has the coolest fucking guitars on the planet. Er, warmest. Cool but getting warmer.

    Oh, fuck it.

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