The Peacemaker Starring George Clooney: As Ecorazzi reported earlier, George Clooney was recently elected an official “messenger of peace” by the U.N.  The title suggests that Clooney will use his reputation to help promote peacekeeping activities around the world. So has Georgey Porgey held up his part of the bargain? YES!!!

Clooney sat down for a meeting with Defense Secretary Vijay Singh and UN Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jane Holl Lute, in New Delhi on Tuesday. Reports show that George has recently been spending a good deal of time in India on official “peacekeeping business.” I said it once and I’ll say it again, “George, I would make a frigin fantastic Assistant Messenger Of Peace.”

Panettiere Wails For Whales: Here at the Razzi we love us some Hayden Panettiere!  Just a few days ago we reported that she was Saving The Whales…Again, and had planned to continue her efforts in Washington. Well, has she? YES!!!

This week Panettiere spoke at a press conference with the likes of Sen. John Kerry and House Natural Resources Committee Chairman, Nick J. Rahall, about the horrors of commercial whaling. They also announced an upcoming meeting to be held in March 2008, by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in London, England.

Daryl Hannah Adds Used Car Salesman To Her Resume:  Last week, Ecorazzi told you that Daryl Hannah had put her bio-diesel El Camino on eBAY. Sadly, just a few days before the auction closed, the highest bid was a measly 9,500 dollars. Ouch! Did Daryl pull in more loot for her scoot?  Yes!!

The auction closed on eBAY and the car was sold for 15,600 dollars! Knowing Daryl, I’m sure she put that money towards something deliciously activisty.  Ps. Daryl, my uncle owns a used car lot, so if the whole actor/environmentalist thing doesn’t work out, I’d be happy to put in a good word. You’re welcome.