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hledger.jpgHeath Ledger, who passed away suddenly at the age of 28 last week, was tipped to portray the life of anti-whaling captain Paul Watson; as reported by the West Australian. The production group Kingsborough Pictures was planning to “vigorously pursue” Ledger for the role after the actor expressed extreme interest in it during a meeting with the legendary captain last October. Immediately after their conversation, Heath became a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society advisory board. From the article,

Under the direction of filmmaker and actor Stuart Townsend, the movie Mighty Hearts could have had Ledger as Capt. Watson ramming driftnet fishing trawlers, smashing illegal whaling boats and sailing boldly into Soviet waters in his bid to stop whalers. Kroonenburg said Ledger would have been perfect for the lead role in the film, now in pre-production, as he was a gifted actor who had a genuine interest in whales and had demonstrated a capacity to “age beautifully” in Brokeback Mountain.

Apparently, it’s been revealed that Ledger was also working hard on an animated documentary about whales and was “extremely enthusiastic” about showing Captain Watson the finished product. Sadly, like many of his other projects, we have no idea if that work will ever see the light of day. You can view Watson’s comments on Heath’s passing — as well as learn more about the group the actor was a part of here.

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  • bluenorway

    Given Norway’s criminal history and aggression, one should check out the other current incidents listed at

  • steve hayes

    Heath Ledger’s death is a tragedy for his family and for all of us who admired his ability. However, he is only one more death attributed to prescription and other drugs. As the director of Novus Medical Detox, we daily see the ravages of drug and alcohol addition. It is time that all of us work to educate people to the real risks.

    steve hayes

  • Reppoh Aseret

    Hello. I’m a psychic and I sometimes have dreams about people who have died and want to send messages to their families. I had a dream about Heath and he so wanted to tell his family that he didn’t mean for this to happen. He would like to have his daughter think of him as a father,not an actor. Also he wants them to know he will always be watching over them. Thanks for your time and I hope someone reads this and can tell them this. Thankyou

  • animalfriend

    Heath Ledger’s passing away is so sad for us all! He was so talented and i would have enjoyed seeing him in this interesting movie on wales-protection – so may GOD receive him in His heavenly abode because he had a good heart indeed!

  • ash

    Dang. I hate it when we lose people who love animals.

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